How to Add Both Looks and Function
to Your Vehicle

How to add both looks and function to your vehicle


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(ARA) – Remember what it was like to go cruising with the windows down and the wind blowing through your hair? Now that we’ve made it through the long, harsh winter, it won’t be long before you can do it again; but along with the warmer temperatures and that carefree attitude comes a drawback you may have forgotten about.

Unless you keep your car parked in a garage or in the shade all the time, when you first get in, it’s going to be downright hot. But there is something you can do to keep your car cool throughout the spring and summer months -- add window vents.

These “eves” installed above your car window offer a number of advantages. Not only do they allow you to leave the window open a crack in the summer to let in fresh air without worrying about a sudden thunderstorm, while you’re on the road, they can decrease wind noise for a more pleasant driving experience. And they offer an opportunity to customize your ride.

Window vents are available in a number of styles. AVS, a brand name known for its quality line of car customizing accessories, offers three window vent styles that you can install yourself with strong automotive grade tape.

The original Ventvisor installs directly above your windows. The AVS In-Channel Ventvisor installs inside the window channel, giving your car a sleek, streamlined appearance. Both come in a stylish smoke tint that can be painted to match your vehicle. And new this year is the AVS Chrome Vent Visor which is chrome plated, allowing the rich, durable finish to be applied on both sides of the Ventvisor for a consistent, stylish look from inside and outside the vehicle. The window vents are made from heavy-duty acrylic, and available for both the front and rear doors.

“We introduced this practical and durable accessory 70 years ago, and it is one of our most popular items,” says AVS spokesperson Jay Lusignan. Hundreds of custom applications are available, including many for older models.

In addition to window vents, AVS offers a variety of ways to improve both the functionality and the look of your vehicle. From hood shields to hood scoops and door sill protectors to light covers, you can find everything you need to customize your ride.

So this spring and summer, spend your days enjoying the weather -- both outside and in your car. For more information on AVS products, visit


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