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Your privacy is important to us. We want to make your experience on this website as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. We have created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy and security. This Privacy Policy describes how Basta Pinoy News (RPN) collects information from all end users of RPN'S Internet services.

When Visitors or Clients send e-mail inquiries to RPN, the return e-mail address is used to answer the e-mail inquiry we receive and to provide additional information related to RPN products and services. RPN does not share the return e-mail address with any third party unless that e-mail pertains to a service or matter regarding that third party.

When Visitors or Clients to this site use its links to outside services or sites, they should review, fully understand, and agree to the terms of use and privacy policies of those sites. RPN is not responsible in any manner how information is being collected or used by these sites.

We may periodically conduct both business and individual customer surveys.  Participation in our customer surveys is voluntary. We take the information we receive from individuals responding to our Customer Surveys and combine  it with the responses of other RPN customers to create broader, generic responses to the survey questions (such as gender, age, residence, hobbies, education, employment, industry sector, or other demographic information). We then use the aggregated information to improve the quality of our services to you, and to develop new services and products. This aggregated, non-personally identifying information may be shared with third parties.

RPN may disclose personal information about Visitors or information regarding your use of the this website and its services, for any reason if, in our sole discretion, we believe that it is reasonable to do so, including: to satisfy laws, such as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, regulations, or governmental or legal requests for such information; to disclose information that is necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be violating our Terms of Use or other user policies; to operate the Services properly; or to protect RPN..

RPN reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this policy,  and our other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner.


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