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Home and Lifestyle

updated on 6 April 2007

Presidio's Da Vinci Rises to Contemporary Urban Lifestyle

Keeping in stride with today’s urbanites become a harder feat as their lifestyles take on a busier and faster pace each day. Therefore, a residence which can help alleviate stress from their fast-paced routine becomes an overwhelming goal. As a pioneer in developing urban communities of value and style, CrownAsia creates a self-contained multi-level hub by the bay located at the boundary of thriving Sucat and City of Taguig, Presidio at Brittany Bay.

A vertical address becomes a fashionable yet practical residential option for urbanites with the unique design configuration of Presidio’s 16 towers interplaying in height and size. Recio+Casas Architects, the renowned partnership commissioned by CrownAsia, marries classic with contemporary and innovative condominium features. Distinguishing Presidio from other conventional condominiums is an encompassing theme inspired by San Francisco’s neo-Victorian architecture evident in each tower as well as in the whole enclave.

Da Vinci, Presidio’s first tower recently completed right on schedule, features an exterior which combines pale yellow and salmon hues while shingled roofs, intricate latticework, gable turrets, balconies and towers complete the San Fo design style. A 5-storey mixed-used (comprised of residential and commercial units) condo, the ground floor of Da Vinci will house commercial establishments such as a restaurant, fast food chain, coffee shop, and convenience store. Given the busy schedules of its future residents, getting a cup of coffee to start their day and a filling meal for the family will be the least of their worries.

One can catch a glimpse of redefined urban living at the recently unveiled model unit at the Da Vinci Tower.

Esteemed interior designer Pinky Cruz lent an Asian-influenced, relaxed ambiance with a feel of flowing space throughout the 2-bedroom 56 sq. m. home. Every meal becomes a pleasurable experience as a uniquely designed chandelier hangs over a cozy dining room detailed with wrought ironwork. Adjacent to it is the living room where Balinese ornaments, a coffee table atop a wicker throw rug, and cushioned lounge chairs can be found. The living area leads to a balcony, where once the sliding doors are opened natural lighting and ventilation enter freely.

The master’s bedroom has its own balcony for a glimpse of the bay, while inside, the décors made from natural resources and use of earth tones exude a relaxing. br> For the child’s bedroom, the vibrant colors and wide windows create a cheery retreat from schoolwork and an afternoon of play around the neighborhood of Presidio.

A spacious, well-equipped kitchen is also available for whenever you have time to prepare home-cooked meals for your family.

Though designed to please the eye, the architecture of each area is also built for function and comfort, keeping in mind that every space is very valuable in condo living.

A 1-bedroom unit is also available for single professionals and young couples. Its 42 sq. m. area is equipped with a dining and living area, kitchen, and a toilet and bath. Growing families requiring a larger vertical home can opt to combine two or more adjacent units.

EEach of the 36 residential units at Da Vinci feature at least one balcony for a view of the Laguna de Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountains, while wide windows allow natural lighting and fresh breeze to waft into the home.

A separate entrance for the residents of Da Vinci is provided to ensure privacy and manned 24-hours a day for security. Upon entering the condo, a lobby of relaxed elegance also designed by Pinky Cruz welcomes you home.

Presidio’s “city by the bay” features a collection of low- and mid-rise, residential and mixed-used condominiums. Other towers on the rise at Presidio include – the Rembrandt Tower, Michelangelo Tower, Monet Tower, and the Picasso Tower.

CrownAsia provides first-class amenities and lifestyle facilities within the grounds of Presidio -- A Town Center will house commercial establishments, bringing choice shops and restaurants, or your own business venture in the backyards of Presidio residents. Athletic and leisure facilities is only a few steps away from your home, the Village Center will have a swimming pool, clubhouse, day care center, game room, multi-purpose sports center, and gym. Setting Presidio apart from other space-deprived condominiums is the presence of lavish, landscaped courtyards, parks and playgrounds, and wide sidewalks ideal for jogging while breathing in fresh breeze from Laguna de Bay or gazing at the beautiful view of the mountains.

Since every minute is precious for busy individuals, Presidio at Brittany Bay becomes a more ideal home because it is located just 5 minutes away from Alabang, 15 minutes from NAIA, 20 minutes from Makati and Global City, and a mere 30 minute drive from Ortigas; via South Super Highway and C5. Upon completion of the C-6 construction travel time will be cut by half; while rehabilitation and modernization of the South Metro Rail Transit System will reduce travel from Caloocan to Alabang to 30 minutes.

For property previews and inquiries on Presidio at Brittany Bay, you may contact tel. nos. 718-4057, 718-3400/ 02 and 717- 3006 to 07.
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