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Immigration Q and A
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Politics, Empowerment, Advocacy


National Insecurity Act
By Greg B. Macabenta

The Human Security Act is now in effect, despite lacking implementing rules and regulations, insists its principal author, former Martial Law enforcer, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile. n Read more
Pulling the Ladder Up
By Atty. Rodel Rodis

The immigration test tube baby known as “The Grand Bargain” died on June 28, 2007 of severe complications from a procedural vote. n Read more
Law Firm Sues and Obtains Immigrant Visa to Reunite Family
By Atty. Bruce A. Coane and James McCollom, Jr.

After a Houston immigration law firm sued the United States Department of State, the U.S. Consulate in India finally gave an immigrant visa to Mrs. Nishahaben Amin.  n Read more
Visa Bulletin Fiasco:
The Case of the
Vanishing Visas
By Atty. Vanessa S. Barcelona

In mid June the Department of State published its Visa Bulletin for the coming month -- July, 2007.
 n Read more

Certain Out of Status Aliens May Apply for Adjustment
By Atty. Reuben Seguritan

Aliens who are unlawfully present in the U.S. generally cannot apply for adjustment of status.

They have to leave and apply for an immigrant visa at a U.S. consulate abroad. This could trigger the three-year or ten-year bars of inadmissibility.
n Read more
Adoption: Petitioning
the Orphan
By Atty. Maria Aguila

Adopting a child living in the Philippines involves complex U.S. laws, state laws of the state of the prospective adoptive parents ("PAPS") reside, and Philippine laws.
Read more

Top 10 Common Landlord Mistakes and Blunders
By Atty. Maria Aguila

There are Landlords making who have been making mistakes again and again. These mistakes usually, if not always, had costly and negative effects on their business of renting and causing undue stress and inconvenience to tenants.†   n Read more
Existing Home or New Construction? Which Makes the Most Sense Today?
By Atty. Charles Kovaleski

While existing home sales nationally were up slightly earlier this year, recent news from the Commerce Department indicates that sales of newly constructed U.S. housing slowed drastically in February 2007, falling 3.9 percent, or to the lowest level since June 2000.
n Read more


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  • 02/14/07   Manila Should'nt Gone Through All the Trouble to Get NCLEX Site
  • 02/07/07   File now Before Sharp Rise in USCIS Fees
  • 01/31/07   Consulates No Longer Authorized to Adjudicate I-130s
  • 12/25/06   Personal Interview Now Required for Visa Applicants
  • 12/06/06   Proposed Visa Screen Blanket Denial is Unfair
  • 11/01/06   Hardship Waiver of the Two Year J-1 Residency
  • 08/16/06   H-3 Option for Foreign Trainees
  • 07/26/06   Religious Cases
  • 07/19/06   Remedy for Erroneously Closed Labor Certification Cases
  • 07/05/06   Labor Certification Documents for Domestic Workers
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  • 03/01/07   Adoption: Petitioning the Orphan 

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  • 2002/11 -- New Relief for “Age-out” Cases
  • 2002/03 -- Immigrant Processing of Foreign Nurses
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  • 2000/04 -- Business Immigration
  • 2000/03 -- Employment-based Adjustment Applicants
  • 2000/02 -- INS Recently Clarifies Status of H-1B Worker While on Leave
  • 2000/01 -- Immediate Opening for Nurses
  • 1999/12 -- Practical Tips on Dealing with the U.S. Consulate in Manila
  • 1999/11 -- INS Processing Delays and How to Live with Them
  • 1999/10 -- How To Maximize Your Chances OF Obtaining a B2 Tourist Visa
  • 1999/09 -- In the Aftermath of 245(i), who Benefits?

  • 03/01/07   Top 10 Common Landlord Mistakes and Blunders (Fair Housing)

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