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2003 Aug  1

Miami, Florida

Mark Jimenez in Guilty Plea

MIAMI, FLORIDA - Manila Congressman Mark B. Jimenez entered into a plea agreement with the United States last July 31, 2003 to two counts of tax evasion and one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States and commit election campaign financing violations.

In his appearance before District Judge Patricia Sietz of the United States Southern District Court of Florida, Mr. Jimenez pleaded guilty and admitted to a scheme to transfer approximately $5 million of income out of the United States without paying income taxes.

Former Philippine Congressman Mark Jimenez
Mark Jimenez with lawyers after court hearing in Miami, Florida.

The tax charges against Mr. Jimenez, stem from his creation of Kalisol, S.A., a Uruguayan company, as part of a scheme to transfer approximately $5 million of income out of the United States without paying income taxes.

Former Philippine Congressman Mark Jimenez
Mark Jimenez at a Miami church. 

Mr. Jimenez admits that he used Kalisol to create false invoices to Future Tech International (FTI), of which he was a majority shareholder, for services that Kalisol never performed.

Mr. Jimenez also admitted to a conspiracy to defraud the Federal Election Commission (FEC) by making approximately $41,500 in illegal campaign contributions to various candidates for federal office, a result of which caused false information to be submitted to the FEC. 
 US Attorney prosecuted U.S. case agains Mark Jimenez being interviewed by media
U.S. Attorney who prosecuted case against Mark Jimenez.

In an interview with Basta Pinoy News, Mr. Jimenez stated concerns for the welfare of his constituents. “I will have the works of my foundations to continue, specially to my constituents. It had fed 2 million meals, and actually millions of pesos in medicine and other basic needs of my constituents.”

Mr. Jimenez, who voluntarily turned himself over to U.S. authorities before the completion of the extradition process, faced difficult challenges involving a diverted flight while being transported to the U.S, lost passport documents, both of which have delayed his release on bail.

Mr. Jimenez remarked that “I learned that the judicial system in the United States is most fairest and equitable and this is one reason this country is a world leader.”

Regarding the process which he underwent, Mr. Jimenez said that “it is most important to face the truth.”

“Facing the truth made me a better man and at peace with God, my fellowmen, and my family".
Congressman Jimenez is presently out on bail and under house arrest in South Florida.

Sentencing is scheduled on October 16th before Judge Seitz. The sentence could involve at least 21 months of imprisonment, but could be lessened by time served. (Basta Pinoy News)


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