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Updated 2010 March 1
Humanitarian Crisis Averted

For 44 broke, stranded Filipino Seafarers

Humanitarian Crisis Averted

Some of those who spent an evening aboard the Palm Beach Princess casino ship on its cruise to-nowhere have come away winners. However, for 44 of its Filipino crew members, ending up broke is not what they have bet on.

"We got a call from a member of the Filipino community in Palm Beach about Filipino seamen stranded on the casino ship Palm Beach Princess," said Mrs. Marilou Macatangay. "The ship was docked at the Port of Palm Beach."
Palm Beach Princess

Mrs. Macatangay, chief of staff of the Philippine Honorary Consulate General's office in South Florida, took the matter in hand and made arrangements for the Philippine Honorary Consul
General in South Florida, Dr. Angelo S. Macatangay to board the ship.

Consul General Macatangay
Philippine Honorary Consul General Angelo S. Macatangay interviewed the Filipino crew of the Palm Beach Princess as a guard watch over them.

The following day Congen Macatangay and the consular staff was granted access to the Filipino crew. The Philippine Honorary Consul General Interviewed the Filipinos to thresh out concerns and address their problems. According to ConGen Macatangay the Filipinos were concerned about their back pay and trip back to the Philippines.


"The ship’s engine had broken in September 2009 and as a result the ship’s owner’s were given a four month evaluation to

either fix the ship or get a new one," explained ConGen Macatangay.

"The ship’s main engine died early December 2009 and the US Coast Guard had barred it from sailing."

"Its owner filed for bankruptcy protection (Chapter 11) with the US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Florida. The Filipino Seamen were not aware of this till January 26, 2010 when they came back from the Bahamas since they thought that the owners would be getting a new ship."

"Also, last December 16, 2009 a Filipino seaman from the ship had spoken to my wife on this problem. She called the company immediately and they assured her that they will be repairing the
ship in the Bahamas. In fact, it was still in operation last New Year’s Eve." 

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