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posted 17 April 2007

Anthony Castelo Considers Western Union One of the Most Convenient Way to Send Money Home

Making an impression and captivating Filipino audiences nationwide, Anthony Castelo prefers Western Union's fast, reliable and convenient money transfer service to other alternatives when sending money back to the Philippines or around the world.

Currently, residing in California, Anthony Castelo is an international singer/songwriter, that has earned multiple awards. He is dubbed as the "Philippines' King of Love Songs" and has been swooning the Filipino community since he began his music career as a student in Los Angeles, California singing with the world renowned "Young Americans."

Anthony Castelo has traveled all over the world and experienced Western Union's services worldwide.

"For my personal and business purposes, I have firsthand experience with Western Union's services as both the sender and receiver," stated Anthony Castelo.

"From sending money to pay for my bills, family emergencies, and weddings, to receiving my business partners' payments, Western Union has proved to be a reliable service provider to me. It's Western Union's established name. I know and trust that the money will get to its destination." ****

Western Union extends its money transfer services to every consumer -- from celebrities to everyday consumers -- who simply want a fast and reliable money transfer service. And now, sending money home to love ones is now even more affordable.
Statue of Liberty

Consumers sending a Western Union Money Transfer® transaction from participating Western Union Agent locations in Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Reno, Jacksonville, and Miami metropolitan areas to the Philippines will benefit from the new reduced transfer fees. The new transfer fees start at $12 for sending principal amounts up to $800, and are 1.50% of the principal for sending above $800. Statue of Liberty

Western Union is a global leader in money transfer services with a more than 150-year tradition of trusted excellence. Western Union provides superior service quality: Speed, Convenience and Reliability. Western Union values its customer's trust, and helps consumers and businesses send money and bill payments quickly and reliably. Consumers can send money home in minutes** and enjoy the benefits of choice -- selecting from U.S. Dollar*** or Philippine Peso Payout; and added value -- accruing reward points and benefits from the Western Union® Gold Card Program. Within the U.S., there are over 48,000 Western Union Agent locations ready to serve and help consumers with their money transfer service needs. In addition, there are over 6,000 Western Union Agent locations in the Philippines, including the provinces of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao where receivers can collect the money. Western Union offers in-language customer support to consumers who prefer to speak in Tagalog or prefer to send money using a credit card over the phone at 1-877-PERA-ITO. For more information, please visit

** Funds are generally available for pick up within minutes, subject to Agent locations hours of operation, time zone differences and terms and conditions of service.

*** U. S. Dollar payout is limited to select Agent locations in Philippines and subject to availability.

****"Western Union does not recommend that you use a money transfer service to pay for online auction purchases. Money transfer services are fast, easy and convenient ways to send funds to people you know. They are not designated to be a payment vehicle when doing business with a stranger." .

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Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. Disclaimer.

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