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updated on 15 Jan 2009


Manila Connection: Getting Filipino Americans closer with Motherland

BASTA PINOY NEWS -- The Philippines being among the top four countries that dominate the global overseas labor market. Its labor force has also seen opportunities to migrate to countries such as the United States.

Separated thousands of miles away from home, Filipinos have maintained their family and cultural ties to the motherland through crucial services such as long distance communications, internet online, radio, television and satellite networks.

Among these equally important services, the most impact is being delivered by satellite television for its ability to be utilized and consumed 24/7 at a minimal cost.

"Its amazing what technology can do for everyone, specially us Filipinos" said Roland Jaro. "We're miles apart from the Philippines, and yet we're so close together."  Jaro and his wife Anna founded the Manila Connection, a National DirecTV Authorized Dealer. 

"We wanted to bring the kind of service that has an impact to the Filipino American community," said Roland. "We brought DirecTV to the Filipino community. It offers the most variety in Filipino entertainment programs, more than any other television provider in the US. With these they can tune-in to what is happening in the Philippines."

"Listen, if not for those programs, we and our children will miss most of what is happening in Manila," added Roland.
Filipino Channel Directv
"We understand the market -- what it is looking for. I'm glad we're able to bring these television shows to the community using the latest technology and equipment."  

Roland and Anna know what they are talking about. In 2008 their company was selected as one of the Top 8 DirecTV Elite Dealers in the US, thus inducting them into DirecTV's Elite Club.

Roland and Anna made their mark further on the industry when their company won the LSP Dealer of the Year (East), beating out 7,800 other dealers.

"We do our best to deliver what we promise in keeping up with our tradition of excellence," said Roland.

Filipino television program availability has gone a long way from a handful to a wide selection provided by carriers. For example, DirecTV carries Filipino programming packages that contain a good selection of all-time Filipino powerhouse favorites such as the The Filipino Channel and GMA Pinoy TV.
Filipino programming are important for Filipinos to keep in touch with their culture and heritage. Younger Filipino American generation who normally would not have much time to travel to their mother country can learn and understand what is going on in the Philippines.

As far as program viewing is concerned Filipinos tend to attach to what they left behind. For example, popular Filipino noontime shows are a big hit here in the US.

"Filipino TV programs are also very important to newly arrived Filipinos in the US who otherwise will be 'homesick' during their initial arrival and stay here," observed Roland.

"The great thing about viewing these programs is the clarity of reception using DirecTV HD Technology which is the best in the nation," said Roland. "DirecTV is an easy solution for the digital transition --its all 100% digital signal, no equipment to buy, no start-up cost, 4 room free standard installation."

"For any period or any holiday or occasion a gift subscription to DirecTV is a gift to be remembered. The value and joy of viewing, learning, and being entertained goes beyond measurement as information and experience are shared from generation to generation."

"For us at the Manila Connection, the best gift is the satisfaction of having provided excellent service to our community," said Roland. "That gift will be treasured for as long as time itself." ( / BASTA PINOY NEWS)
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