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Entertainment: Music / Television

Feb 09, 2008

Ramiele Malubay: The Time Has Come

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By Mariah

MIRAMAR, FL -- She began her interest in music and singing when she was just two years old.  One of her favorite tunes then was La Bamba, yet as she was growing up she showed
a liking to songs with depth and meaning such as Richard Marc's "Right Here Waiting."

Parents Roger and Alice gave their full support towards their daughter's passion and at the same time making sure that Ramiele was given the right foundations in education, where she is studying to become a nurse.

Throughout her growing years Ramiele performed in family gatherings and party invitations.  When she was 12 years old she performed at debutante celebration in a 5-star Orlando hotel.  She later participated in regional singing competitions where she had won two silver prizes and the Championship.

Now 19, has the time come for Ramiele?   

Ramiele auditioned for the American Idol in Miami last August 2007, where she was picked by the producers among thousands of participants.  Based in Miramar, Florida, she worked hard with the support of her family in practicing and honing her vocal skills and style.  A difficult and tough schedule laid ahead, as Ramiele, a nursing student, balanced her school work and practice schedules. The family later decided Ramiele needed to concentrate in preparing for the big challenge and agreed to continue with her studies later.

With the support of of parents Roger and Alice, amid the cheering of younger sister May, Ramiele pulled through.

The moment of truth came on Jan. 30th at the American Idol Season 7 auditions in Miami in a face-off with none other than Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson.

Ramiele was prepared.

Before Ramiele joined the auditions she said she just want to see Simon, Paula, Randy and go to Hollywood.

She maintained her confidence and was positive in everything. She was ready.of Aretha Franklin's " Natural Woman" Ramiele proved her mettle as almost everyone thought.  Except for Cowell.

Ramiele Malubay
(c) 2008† Fox Broadcasting Corp.


"I think you're a good singer," started Cowell. "I dont think you're a contemporary singer, I think you're more like a hotel singer!"

For all but her facial expression, the comment did not faze Ramiele. She maintained her confidence. She was there to be the next American Idol.

"I think you are phenomenal," interjected Abdul.

"I was impressed," said Jackson.

In the end Ramiele was voted in to compete in American Idol 7.

"Welcome to Hollywood!" exclaimed Jackson.  (

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