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Entertainment: Music / Rock

posted 09/07/2008

Mike Hanopol: The Legend Lives On

Mike Hanopol

Mike is no stranger to South Florida. He lived in the North Miami beach area from 1982 through 1983. He relocated to New York city where he  played with both American and Filipino bands.

He came back to North Miami Beach in 1987 until 1993  when he had to go back to the Philippines where his daughter Michelle (Yummy) pursued her college education.

A legend  in Pinoy Rock music (he originated "Pinoy Rock" ) in the mid 70's and has mentored several other great talents such as HAGIBIS.  Mike wrote most of their early songs. His musical career spans three and a half decades producing 20 albums, including 3 GOLD and 3  ALIW awards.

Upon his return to the Philippines in 1993, Mike instantly regained his popular status with his album "Pilyong Bata" produced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where his single  'BUHAY AMERICA' was  a huge success.

He continued to write, sing, record  and being a part of mainstream Philippines until April 2001 when his new album SAGA was released  (a collaboration with three other icons in the Philippine music industry - Freddie Aguilar, Rey Valera and Vehnee Saturno).

SAGA, an album of original music, written by the four music icons,  was created  to inspire Filipinos especially those in the music industry and the public as well  to support Pilipino  music.

Although he left our neighborhoods - South Florida and New York-- his fans continue to follow his career and gigs even as they hope to welcome him back any day soon. 

It is noteworthy to mention that Mike has always been "one of us" (kabarkada).  He earned his status that made hime a rock  superstar in our beloved mother country,  the Philippines, but he became a legend where it counts most -- in our hearts.
Mike Hanopol in Florida Concert


With time his music evolved.   As a rock legend he still tries to maintain his Pinoy Rock  music but (begrudgingly)  in more mellowed, toned down, slower, less vibrating sounds of his guitar.

His message is pretty much the same, to bring justice, peace, respect for  others, making a pleas to the younger generation to know, respect, understand, appreciate and support  PILIPINO music.  This  is also the message the album SAGA  brings to its  listeners.

Mike surprisingly contradicts his rock musician image by staying close to his family base. Unlike other rock singers, Mike is a committed and devoted father and family man. To demonstrate this, he will soon be the father of  an MD -- his daughter Yummy graduated from URRRM medical school in April 2002.  Although his hard earned efforts have definitely been rewarded, it is those who love and follow his music that were fulfilled -- and when his music plays - PINOY ROCK LIVES FOREVER!

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