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 Bruce Coane, Esq. - Immigration Law

  BRUCE A. COANE is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The law firm of Coane & Associates has offices at 407 Lincoln Road, Suite 306, Miami Beach, Florida 33139, Tel. (786) 457-VISA (8472). The law firm website is www.coane.com. The law firm email is immigrantlaw@aol.com. James P. McCollom, Jr. is an associate attorney at the firm

  • 04/07: Useful tips on Technology for Individuals Interested in Immigration
  • 11/06: New Laws Granting Local Law Enforcement Authority to Enforce....
  • 06/06: Senate Passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

     Reuben Seguritan, Esq. - Legal Notes

      REUBEN S. SEGURITAN has been practicing law for over 30 years. He was former immigration editor and is author of a book on immigrant experiences. He frequently speaks on immigrant issues and for his advocacy efforts he was the recipient of two presidential awards by President Ramos and an award by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas. He previously taught business law and international politics. For further information, you may call him at 212 695 5281 or log on to his website at www.seguritan.com

  • 03/22/07   Nursing Relief Act of 2007
  • 03/13/07   Will H-1B Quota Run Out in Two Days?
  • 02/28/07   Dilemma of the Out-of-Status RNs and PTs
  • 02/14/07   Manila Should'nt Gone Through All the Trouble to Get NCLEX Site
  • 02/07/07   File now Before Sharp Rise in USCIS Fees
  • 01/31/07   Consulates No Longer Authorized to Adjudicate I-130s
  • 12/25/06   Personal Interview Now Required for Visa Applicants
  • 12/06/06   Proposed Visa Screen Blanket Denial is Unfair
  • 11/01/06   Hardship Waiver of the Two Year J-1 Residency
  • 08/16/06   H-3 Option for Foreign Trainees
  • 07/26/06   Religious Cases
  • 07/19/06   Remedy for Erroneously Closed Labor Certification Cases
  • 07/05/06   Labor Certification Documents for Domestic Workers
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     Maria Aguila, Esq. - What You Should Know

      MARIA AGUILA is a solo law practitioner who focuses her practice on Fair Housing, landlord/tenant, real estate, immigration, and adoptions.

    She has conducted numerous presentations in six different counties regarding federal, state and local Fair Housing laws, has been trained extensively in Fair Housing, landlord/tenant, and housing laws and was the former program manager for the Fair Housing Advocacy Center for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc. She may be reached at 904-945-9293 or at mariadeg@bellsouth.net.

  • 03/07 Adoption: Petitioning the Orphan  (Immigration)
  • 03/07 Top 10 Common Landlord Mistakes and Blunders (Fair Housing)

     Vanessa S. Barcelona - Immigration Updates

      VANESSA S. BARCELONA is a partner in the law offices of Barcelona & Pilarski, P.A. She is a licensed attorney practicing primarily in the area of U.S. immigration law. She is a graduate of the University of Florida, where she obtained her J.D. and B.A. degrees. She is a member of the Florida Bar Assn., The American Bar Assn., and the American Immigration Lawyers Assn.

    Atty. Barcelona comes from a family of lawyers, her parents both practiced law in the Philippines.  Previously she was a radio commentator on Radio-TV Pilipino Network.  She may be contacted at
    Tel (239) 590-9864 and  vsbarcelona@earthlink.net

  • 2007/04 -- H-1B Visas -- Here Today, Gone Today! 
  • 2007/02 -- Nurses on Hold -- Retrogression and What it can Mean to You 
  • 2003/01 -- Asylum and the Child Status Protection Act
  • 2002/12 -- Recalculating Age for Purposes of Relief
  • 2002/11 -- New Relief for “Age-out” Cases
  • 2002/03 -- Immigrant Processing of Foreign Nurses
  • 2002/02 -- Child Citizenship Act of 2001
  • 2001/12 -- The US Economic Downturn: How the Non-Immigrant Can ...
  • 2001/10 -- Possible Immigration Consequences of the Events of Sept 11...
  • 2001/02 -- Tips on how to prepare your "B" visitor extension requests
  • 2000/04 -- Business Immigration
  • 2000/03 -- Employment-based Adjustment Applicants
  • 2000/02 -- INS Recently Clarifies Status of H-1B Worker While on Leave
  • 2000/01 -- Immediate Opening for Nurses
  • 1999/12 -- Practical Tips on Dealing with the U.S. Consulate in Manila
  • 1999/11 -- INS Processing Delays and How to Live with Them
  • 1999/10 -- How To Maximize Your Chances OF Obtaining a B2 Tourist Visa
  • 1999/09 -- In the Aftermath of 245(i), who Benefits?


     Mimi Estel - Housing Matters

      MIMI ESTEL is  business professional based in Arizona is a Graduate, Realtor Institute, E PRO Certified, Certified Residential Investor Representative, Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) Candidate of Century 21 Arizona Foothills. Ms. Estel is also very fluent in Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilonggo, and Kinaray-a.

    She can be contacted at Cell: (480) 363-3362 
    E-mail mimi @ estelhomes.com

  • Arizona is now the Fastest Growing State in the Country

     Fe Tan - Home Buyers Corner

      FE TAN is a licensed mortgage broker with Uneta Home and Loan. Ms. Tan can be contacted at Tel. (904) 651-8114 and at email fetan @ uneta.com

  • 03/07 Homeowners Are the Target of Fraudulent Mortgage Offers 
  • 02/07 Predicting the Future of Real Estate

     Nina Sabangan - The Smart Home Buyer

      NINA SABANGAN is a Mortgage and real estate professional who has been in the business for more than 6 years. A native of Marikina, Philippines, she has made Florida her home.  You can reach her at (904) 662-0971 for your mortgage and real estate needs.

  • 03/07 Five Steps to Buying a Home 

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